“All Japanese military rifles and carbines are covered. They are well described and are illustrated with large clear photos. Much of the information has not been published previously. It is obvious the authors have done a fine job....best source on Japanese military rifles to date”

“...certainly an excellent book....should be in every Japanese military collector’s library”
.....Howard E. French, GUNS AND AMMO

“....best this writer has seen on the subject…..it’s the excellent photographs that make the book so valuable.....a very worthwhile addition to the bookshelf.”
.....Larry Sterett, GUNS

“It’s large 8 ½ x 11, 207 page format with clear concise photos and drawings reflect the author’s engineering background and historical research.....Much attention is given to details which interest collectors and historians....Much input of information is included from those Japanese individuals actually involved in WWII efforts.....The book fills a great need in the world of military collectors, historians, museum curators and anyone who comes in contact with Japanese military arms....The book accomplishes what it set out to do.....to provide a benchmark of reference information complete with large photo format at a reasonable price for Japanese military arms collectors.”
.....Frank A. Knapp, MAN AT ARMS

“The authors have done extensive research and included valuable material from Japanese sources…..the more than 300 photographs are clear and beautifully reproduced....For those interested in Japanese military rifles, it is indispensible.”
.....Dave LeGate, RIFLE

“.....Honeycutt enlisted an amazing group of contributors, including fellow collectors, authorities on Japanese arms design from both Japan and the U.S., and even personnel who were employed at the factories where these rifles were manufactured. It is a testament to Honeycutt’s eloquence that he was able to distill volumes of information from various sources into a single, comprehensive, easy-to-understand book. Indeed, the book is a must-have for anyone with more than a passing interest in these rifles…”
.....Noel Tominack, CRUFFLER.COM

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