by Fred L. Honeycutt, Jr & F. Patt Anthony

ISBN 0-9623208-7-0

Japanese rifles have reached the mainstream of gun collecting. Some of the rarer variations sell today for many thousands of dollars. The increase in value can be attributed in part to the 1977 publication of Military Rifles of Japan.

Military Rifles of Japan has been in continuous print since 1977 and has reached the 5th edition. Military Rifles of Japan covers all military production for the very important period 1880-1945. The story unfolds with development of the Type 13 infantry rifle adopted in 1880 and proceeds through to development of the Type 5 semi-automatic rifle adopted by the naval paratroop command late in World War 2. All major variations are described, including the Murata Pattern, Type 38, 44, 97, and the Type 99 which Japanese ordnance considered the ultimate infantry arm when adopted in 1939. Not only was the arm simple from an engineering and production standpoint with its maximum use of sheet metal stampings, but it was dependable, rugged, and easily maintained. Additional sections are included covering experimental bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, modifications and copies of Japanese rifles as used by other countries, “last ditch” rifles manufactured late in World War 2, and a detailed description of the Japanese arsenal system.

  • 207 pages, 11” X 8 ½” format, 70 pound enamel paper, hardbound!
  • Over 300 large, sharp photographs and drawings showing markings and inspection symbols clearly. Many not seen before!
  • Comprehensive, accurate list of inspection symbols and their interpretation!
  • An inexhaustible amount of data covering the most common to rarest variations of rifles and accessories, such as bayonets, ammunition, slings, muzzle covers, dustcovers, grenade launchers, etc. etc!

Authoritative, Accurate, Complete! $45.00.
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